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TS King Middle School Safe Routes to School Parent / Caregiver / Teacher / Staff / Administrator / Student Pledge
Friends of King & Thomas Starr King Middle School asks parents, caregivers and students to support active transportation - walking and biking - to and from school as often as possible as part of the city-wide Safe Routes to School Program.

Walking and biking to school does not necessarily mean door-to-door or even everyday. Each block and every day not driven makes a difference in reducing traffic and pollution around our school sites while helping our children be more active, creating safer, healthier communities for our kids.

I pledge to be a safety “Roll Model” and lead by example when walking, biking, rolling and driving around bicyclists and pedestrians, and pledge to:

SUPPORT THE SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL PROGRAM by walking, biking, skating, scooting and carpooling to school more often and reinforce and explain safe behaviors around traffic.

STAY ALERT TO TRAFFIC USING MY EYES AND EARS by keeping my eyes on the road and not use my personal electronic equipment when walking, biking, rolling or driving in and around traffic in school zones.

• Crossing in crosswalks or at intersections;
• Stopping at the edge of the street & the outside edges of parked cars -- look left, right, left again, & behind me for traffic;
• Continuing to look for traffic in all directions as I’m crossing;
• Use my hands to help signal my intentions to drivers, by holding up my hand to stay stop.

ALWAYS WEAR MY HELMET PROPERLY EVERY TIME I bike, skate or scoot. *If you are under 18yrs, the law requires that you wear a helmet will riding.

ALWAYS RIDE IN THE SAME DIRECTION AS TRAFFIC while bicycling on the road and yield to pedestrians when riding on the sidewalk (and only where it’s legal to do so). *It is legal to ride on the sidewalks in Los Angeles.

BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS when walking, biking or rolling at night and in low-visibility conditions. I will use a flashlight or wear reflective gear or material on my clothes, shoes, backpack, helmet, and bike and use white front lights and red rear lights/reflectors on my bicycle as required by law.

• Keep my eyes on the road & not use electronic devices;
• Abide by the posted speed limit;
• Respect all stop signs & traffic signals, making complete stops & checking for pedestrians at all times;
• Respect the right of way of pedestrians in all marked and unmarked crosswalks;
• Watch for pedestrians as I exit my driveway, especially children as they are more difficult to see;
• Not make U-Turns in the school zone;
• Not double park to let my child(ren) enter or exit my vehicle;
• Only allow my child(ren) to enter and exit my car from the curb (passenger) side;
• Not stop to unload in a red zone, as required by law.
• Not idle my engine needlessly at school sites;
• Not turn left from Fountain Ave onto Manzanita, as required by posted traffic sign;
• Not turn right onto Bates between 2-4 pm, as required by posted traffic sign.

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