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2019 Department of South Carolina Community Service Report Form for 1 May 2019 through 30 April 2020
This online report form is for Post Commanders or their designated representatives to report their Post's Community Service activities. This official online form is the ONLY way to report Community Service to the Department. Posts are encouraged to report activities AS THEY OCCUR or, at least, MONTHLY so that data for District report cards can be updated at the end of each month. NOTE: Paper reports will NOT be accepted as of 1 May 2019.

Please make sure your reported activity meets the criteria for the category of Community Service that you select below. If you believe your activity meets the criteria for more than just one category in the multiple choice section below, you may submit another separate report for the same activity as a different category. DO YOUR BEST TO MAKE SURE YOUR ACTIVITY MEETS THE CRITERIA FOR THE CATEGORY YOU SELECT.
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Enter your Post number
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Select your District number from this drop down menu *
Select the Category of Community Service. As of September, you must LIMIT YOUR CHOICE TO ONE CATEGORY for each report. If an activity meets more than one category, complete another report but DO NOT include total Hours, #comrades, # miles, $ money, in the additional report(s). Your description below MUST clearly explain how each activity meets the criteria for the category you selected) *
Describe the activity you checked above and explain how it meets the criteria of that category. Write as much as you wish as this text box will expand while you write.
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ENTER THE NUMBER OF HOURS. Note: Only volunteer service hours benefitting the community are to be reported. Hours committed to projects and activities benefitting the Post cannot be reported. (Example of an acceptable activity is: 5 comrades help a veteran remove sand bags from his home for 2 hours, report 10 hours) . (Example of an unacceptable activity is: 4 comrades mowed and trimmed the lawn outside the Post home)
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Enter how many comrades participated in this activity
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Enter the date of the activity (3/17/20 or simply "March 2020")
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Enter the amount of money, if any, spent on this project. NOTE: It is of utmost importance that Posts report their volunteer hours and donations accurately. A Post that inflates the amounts of money they donate, intentionally or otherwise, may place their not-for-profit status in jeopardy.
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Enter the number of miles driven. For example, if 2 comrades visit the VA hospital and both drive 40 miles round trip, enter 80 miles. Department will compute the monetary value of this mileage.
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Community service, as defined by the National Community Service Trust Act "encompasses any human act serving the common good; in the interest of the community". Elsewhere, community service is further defined as "a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions". THE VFW SUBSCRIBES TO THE ABOVE, BUT ADDS THAT, FOR THE PURPOSE OF VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION, VFW COMMUNITY SERVICE MUST BE PERFORMED BY AND AS A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE VFW FOR AN ORGANIZATION OUTSIDE OF THE VFW, AND MUST BE VERIFIED BY AN AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OF THAT ORGANIZATION. In addition, efforts performed for the benefit of the Post or Auxiliary should not be considered community service. An example of this type of effort would be maintenance, upkeep or beautification of the Post home, cooking or serving a meal for a Post fundraiser, or working on bingo night. Additionally, efforts that are part of the normal requirements of a Post are not considered community service. Examples of this would be providing an honor guard for a member's funeral, flying the American flag, and conducting flag retirement ceremonies - unless this is performed for the community at large.
A particularly controversial area in VFW community service is service to one's church. Generally, these efforts are NOT considered community service for two reasons: 1) they are not performed for the community at large; and 2) they are part of an individual's service to their faith and not to the VFW. The exception to this would be performing the same service for all the churches etc. in a given community.
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