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Great Outdoor Weekend 2018 Participant Evaluations
What was the title and location of the event you attended?
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How likely are you to return to this location?
Overall, how would you rate the value of this activity?
What did you like the best?
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What did you like the least?
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What would you contribute to make more activities like this happen? Check all that apply
How did you find out about Great Outdoor Weekend? Check all that apply
How much time on average do you spend outdoors?
Did Great Outdoor Weekend encourage you to go outside more?
Is there an activity or location you wish would have been a part of Great Outdoor weekend?
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How did you arrive at this location?
How long did it take you to get to this location from your home?
Is this the first time you've visited this location?
What is your zipcode or the street intersection nearest your home?
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Who did you come to this event with?
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OPTIONAL: Please leave your name, email and/or phone number if you wish to participate in the raffle
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