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ESA Member Org Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming one of ESA's Member Orgs!

ESA encourages and facilitates the academic, pre-professional, cultural, social, and political self-realization of the University of Southern California’s environmental student groups as individuals and as a unified student community and advances and develops the green culture of the University and neighboring community.
It is our mission to...
Engage: connect students to the environmental community through our programming and bring in new students to ideas of sustainability.
Inform: provide students with correct information about environmental issues and about university action to confront them.
Empower: give students the resources and opportunities to get involved, voice their interests, and have an impact.

Benefits of being an ESA member org include:
-Access to funding. We have an available budget of $49,000, and allocate part of this money to member orgs through our funding application. ESA funds can be used for event and promotional purposes, excluding durable goods and apparel (t-shirts, sweaters, etc.).
-Marketing. By filling out our media request form, we can post about upcoming opportunities and events for your organization to over 5k people who like our Facebook page and over 500 Instagram followers!
-Networking and collaboration opportunities with other environmentally related clubs on campus!

Requirements of being an ESA member org include:
-Prompt response to our emails (within 2 business days unless specified otherwise)
-Designating one member of your organization (prefer a consistent person, but can be different week to week) to attend our general assembly meetings, which are every Monday (excluding holidays) at 7pm. These meetings give your org an opportunity to make announcements to our environmentally-minded members, and hopefully get them involved with your org as well! Your org is allowed 1 unexcused (meaning, uncommunicated) absence per semester, and 2 excused (communicated) absences per semester
-Being a recognized student organization
-Representation at ESA events when requested
-Acting as a voting member for executive director and assistant director elections
-All other duties as specified by ESA

Please fill out this form to begin the member org application process!
What is your club name? *
Is your club a recognized student organization? *
What is your name and position within the club? *
What is your personal email? *
What is your clubs email? *
What is the purpose of your club and how do its goals coincide with ESA's objectives? *
What date and time does your club plan to meet during the school year? *
Does your club agree to participate in two ESA sponsored events a year? *
Do you and your club understand that mandatory attendance is required by at least one representative from your club at all of ESA's general assembly meetings? *
What are two events your club might be hosting which you wish ESA to sponsor (sponsor: aid with funding, marketing, etc.) Please include potential dates. *
Are there any other concerns/questions in regards to becoming a member organization of ESA? *
Please also link any digital platforms you have e.g. website, Instagram, Facebook. *
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