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Call For Trainers BSides Cleveland 2020
BSidesCLE 2020 training - June 19, 2020

BSidesCLE CFT will close February 15th, 2020.

Trainers will have an opportunity to be compensated proportionally to attendance, as such selected trainers may need to complete W9s and have a 1099 form filed if your training nets greater than $600.
Course Name *
This would be the name of your training that will show in the handouts and website.
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Course Description *
Please provide a description for your course that will show in the handout to attendees and on the website.
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Course Outline *
This would be a course outline broken out by Day 1 and Day 2 which shows what the course will entail. This will be published in the handout and the website.
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Required Materials *
What will the students be required to bring to the class?
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What time frame will your training fill? *
By default, BSidesCLE has historically charged $50 for 4-hour and $100 for 8-hour class tickets. Trainers receive 70% of that after the day's expenses are factored in (including, but not limited to, shirts, challenge coins and food/coffee). If this is acceptable, you may leave this blank. If you would like to charge differently for your training, please enter that here.
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Trainer Names *
What are the course trainer names and/or handles.
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Trainer Email Addresses *
We need to contact you in someway. Please place all trainers email addresses here to be notified or the primary course trainer.
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Trainer(s) Bio *
This is where you get to show your stuff to the attendees on the website and handout. We know you're awesome, just need to show the world! :)
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Trainer(s) LinkedIn Profile
This will be included with your bio.
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Trainer(s) Phone Number *
This will NOT be released publicly.
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Trainer(s) Twitter Handle
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Additional Requirements
Have any special requests that we can help you out with for the training course?
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T-shirt size(s) for trainer(s)
Would you be interested in a deal for overnight Lodging? *
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