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Political Healers Monthly Meet -Up
The Womxn would like to invite you to join us for our monthly Political Healers meeting in Detroit.

We assert that a person doesn’t become a political healer; a person uncovers the political healer within themselves. They do this by acknowledging and valuing the emotional labor they invest in their work as a valid and necessary leadership style within our movement. The Political Healers program is centered on womxn of color, but a political healer is NOT only a womxn of color. We believe that anyone can uncover the political healer within themselves.

June 17, 2019

We will be hosting along with our criminal justice family and our immigration family a screening of " Redemption" a CNN series highlighting people who have harmed their communities. This series seeks to bring the conversation of redemption into the forefront of the criminal justice conversation.
What is Restorative Justice?
Restorative justice seeks to heal the harm caused by crime.
Instead of focusing on retribution, it focuses on rehabilitation.
At its core, it is a process that offers both victims and those who caused harm an opportunity to seek answers and accountability to begin to repair the damage caused by the offense.

Meeting 6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m..
Location: 4405 Wesson (Michigan United Office)
A dish to share with the group
Bring a friend

Cost: Free
Please contact Elder Leslie if you have questions.
The Political Healer Womxn

“If cultural trauma was being erased from public memory, then it was the role of Political Healers to revive those ghosts and have them haunt the public in strategic political ways.” —Arique Aguilar, founding mother of the Political Healers program

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