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Dear Friend, thanks for visiting us. Over the last 7 years (from 2014), we are working on Building capacity so that "best care" can reach to community through you and touching many millions of lives. Our mission is to make the trusted knowledge accessible to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Using case-based learning, collaborative care and tele-mentoring, we seek to build a “community of practice” of 500 Certified “Addiction management” champions every year. Since 2018, Diploma courses in basics of mental health also started.
Please express your interest in the form below (two minutes). Our mission is to "Move Knowledge: Not People". There is a nominal COST to any of the Certificate or Diploma Programme below. Cost is to compensate the software, learning platform, time of support staffs and part of time of the specialists. Our chatbot always available to take any questions or concerns. Wishing a good day ahead.
Prabhat and team
NIMHANS Digital Academy VKN
updated 5th May 2021
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Which of the Diploma or Certificate ECHOs you will be interested in the year 2021. Find below is a Certificate and Diploma Programme varies from 40 hr to 60 hrs depending on the area and speciality . These are live weekly videoconferencing + e-learning. You can find details about those in the website and *
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