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Glow Biz Retreat
It’s time to do more of that thing that lights you up and casts a glow on the world. The world needs it!

Come spend 2 days with me at my home. We will do a deep dive into what you desire most. We'll unlock and release the things that are holding you back. We'll workshop your ideas and get clarity on who you are serving, and how to tell your story so you can speak directly to the souls of your audience. I'll teach you the key components you will need to get your business off the ground and elevated to the next level. There's so much magic we're about to create!

I know what it’s like to want to make an impact in the world and feel frustrated because you don't know what the next 10 steps will be. You hate the thought of sales or business plans. I will give you a method to growing your business that allows you to be you. It's time to come back home to yourself.

Here’s the info - we're planning another Glow Retreat on January 13-14th. 🍾. It’s gonna be so fun!

Every woman from the last retreat said they left feeling like it completely over delivered. They felt they walked away with clear steps to grow their business and deeper understanding of themselves in a profound way. I love bringing women together in such an intimate high vibe setting. This is gonna be truly spectacular 💫

It’s $2997 for the retreat itself which includes the coaching and meals. There are options for accommodations. Women can share a room at the hotel or stay in a nearby Airbnb.

Space is limited! Only room for 20 women.


- When is this?

January 13-14th

Includes a Welcome dinner on Jan. 12th, two days of Business Training, High touch Coaching, a breath work session.

- Business investment of $2997

What if you could move mountains for your business and life in just 2 days? Imagine walking away with a plan to grow your business and a renewed sense of courage. This is life giving and life changing.

Here's what the wonderful ladies are saying about this experience:

"If you’re thinking of starting a business, if you want to scale your current business up, or if you like inspiring stories featuring incredible business owners who built their businesses using the resources they had available... then you need Cathy Heller in your life. Thank you Cathy, for inviting me into your home, and for teaching me all the things! I feel so much more confident that I have the tools I need to make my business a success!" - Holly Jones

"One day with these women surpassed my craziest dreams for this adventure. On day two, Cathy lit a match and we are on fire. During my flight home to NYC I generated A FULL YEAR of content and made a successful pitch to the man sitting next to me." - Diane Lowy

"If you are an entrepreneur looking to gather with like-minded women for inspiration and awesome business advice, I recommend you check out Cathy Heller's Glow Retreat! You will NOT be disappointed!!!" - Laura Rubin

"About a month ago I was chosen along with 13 other amazing women to be apart of Cathy's GLOW retreat. This was an amazing experience and I learned SO MUCH!" - Sally Young

"Not only is Cathy a genius at "Big Picture" business ideas, but her ability to help create a community out of a dozen or so women participants is fabulous! I feel a renewed sense of purpose and motivation for my business after spending 2 days with all these wonderful women. The tools we learned (both business and mindset) have given me a lot to think about and implement in my business." - Heather Challberg

"I recently attended Cathy’s 2-day GLOW retreat. What an experience! A friend pointed out that on my vision board I had the phrase “You Glow Girl!” and well I was glowing by the time I left this retreat.
What I loved:
- Being in space with women who are up to big things. I personally want to surround myself with people who want to continue in their development and expand their horizons.
- Cathy is amazing business and creative coach. Learning from her experience was well worth the money. She gave us so many gold nuggets. She is so gracious with her time and wisdom. She hosted a kick-off dinner that was a perfect way to start the retreat.
- I was feeling overwhelmed with too many business ideas on day one of the retreat. I left with clear next steps for my business.
- I made some wonderful connections. High caliber women.
I highly recommend this retreat and time with Cathy Heller. You won’t be disappointed." - Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

"It was freaking amazing! Cathy’s ability to hold a safe space and get at what blocks us from being our true selves and living our best lives is so impressive and an incredible gift. I learned so much about myself and it was such a joy to be with Cathy for 2 days. I just want to soak up as much of her positive energy and wisdom as possible. And what a pleasure to meet all the other women on the group!" - Carol Monaco

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