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Junior Counselor Application
This is the application form to be a Junior Counselor at The Pigeon Key Foundation Marine Science Summer Camp during the summer of 2020. You must be at least 17 years old to apply for this position. Please keep your answers concise. Preference will be given to applicants with good spelling and grammar. Please e-mail Operations Director Chris at and Education Director Casey at as soon as you submit your application to confirm that it has been received. The application will be open until the first week of June. If you are selected for a volunteer Junior Counselor position you will be notified via e-mail after that date.
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Current School?
Have you ever attended Pigeon Key Marine Science Camp before? *
If yes, please explain under "Other"
Why do you want to be a Junior Counselor? *
What skills or abilities do you have that will contribute to Summer Camp? *
Please describe skills relating to working with campers, swimming, first aid/CPR certifications, marine science background, or anything else that you feel is pertinent.
You may be asked to contribute to behind-the-scenes tasks to help Summer Camp run smoothly. Please select tasks below in which you have prior experience. *
Please describe your swimming ability (check all that apply) *
During the evenings and overnight, you (along with the other JCs and Pigeon Key Staff) will be responsible for the campers in the dorms. Please describe different camp activities you would initiate before lights out. *
It is important that everyone works together to make sure all campers have the best possible experience. Please describe a time when you worked in a team and had to take direction to accomplish a task. *
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