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Hate crime against the Black community in Nottingham
We are trying to gain data on hate crime against black communities and individuals in Nottingham. Please fill in the following questions. DO NOT FILL IM SURVEY IF YOU DO NOT WANT INFORMATION SHARED.
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What is Hate Crime?
The term 'hate crime' can be used to describe a range of criminal behaviour where the perpetrator is motivated by hostility or demonstrates hostility towards the victim's identity (e.g race, gender, sexual orientation, disability etc).

Hate incidents can take many forms. Here are examples of hate incidents:

verbal abuse like name-calling and offensive jokes
bullying or intimidation by children, adults, neighbours or strangers
physical attacks such as hitting, punching, pushing, spitting
threats of violence
hoax calls, abusive phone or text messages, hate mail
online abuse for example on Facebook or Twitter
displaying or circulating discriminatory literature or posters
harm or damage to things such as your home, pet, vehicle
throwing rubbish into a garden
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Age *
What ethnicity do you identify as? *
Which area do you live in Nottingham *
Have you experienced Race related hate crime in Nottingham over the past 6 months (such as being called a racial slur, or being bullied due to the colour of your skin) *
If yes, please provide more details of the incident. (If you are not comfortable with sharing, you do not have to).
Did you report it to the police? *
What was the outcome? Did you feel supported?
If you want more updates on our steps towards Race Equality please give us your email address
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