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Hello fellow maker!
If you are a maker like us, you’ll know the cost of attending craft markets can add up quickly. Add to that the often overlooked cost of having to set up, stand there all day, cover the cost of displays, bags and bank fees if you accept cards, and then pack it all up again before heading home. And that’s not including losing a day you could have been making!

At Far Fetched Designs, we make everything super easy for our makers. For a very small portion of the cost of most markets, you’ll get 7 trading days a week, your stock visually merchandised, bags and sales materials covered, bank fees covered, plus we’ll market and promote not only your products, but your business & brand too.

Our makers aren’t required to merchandise or work in the store. They don’t have to stand around all day trying to make a sale. They don’t even have to stick to strict delivery dates and times - as we know how hard it is, juggling a hundred things when you’re a small business owner. We welcome our makers to come in for a chat whenever they like. And with stock on consignment, makers are very welcome to take any stock they require for a market or sales event, and bring back anything they don’t sell whenever they like. So for a small cost - why not put your stock in a shop during the week, where it may possibly sell – rather than leaving it packed away, waiting for the next market?

On top of that it’s important to us that our social media is constantly active, and we use it to promote products available in store, while always linking our makers business pages to help grow brand awareness. We have a Facebook page with over 4,000 fans, an Instagram page with almost 4,000 followers, as well as a growing email distribution list. We also have an online store and endeavour to list a minimum of five items from each maker to ensure we maximise sales potential and product awareness for all our makers.

We are a very well established business in the Melbourne's West; having started in mid 2014 as a pop up store, and running 5 popular pop-ups before settling into our permanent space in June 2016. Far Fetched Designs is now located centrally in Seddon at 84 Charles Street – nestled among award-winning cafes and stores that make Seddon a very popular destination for Western suburbs residents. Our space is more than just a store too; we've teamed up with the Handmaker's Factory - who run amazing adult workshops from the mezzanine overlooking the shop floor.
How do l become a Far Fetched Designs Maker?
If you’d like to be considered, please complete the application form below after reading all of the details on this page. Then send supporting images, along with sell prices, to (make sure you note who they are from!). If you have any questions at all, or if anything needs clarification, you are welcome to give us a call, send through an email or even just pop in for a chat (Tuesdays to Saturdays are best for this).

As soon as we have had a chance to assess your application, we’ll notify you and let you know if you are successful or not. We are accepted applications at any time, but approval depends on space and other makers involved.

Obviously if we are already stocking a maker who creates something very similar to yours, or that we feel would complete with your product for the sale, we may not be able to accept you immediately. However, all applications are kept on file and will be assessed each time space becomes available.
How much does it cost?
Far Fetched Designs primarily takes stock on consignment, from pre-approved applicants only.

The cost to be involved as little as $25+GST per week if committing to 12 weeks (highly recommended, as if can take customers some time to be aware of and expect your products to be in store). The options are $150+GST per 4 weeks per maker or $300+GST for 12 weeks.

We also have an alternative agreement for artists who only require wall display (original art only with no additional products) - of no rental fee and a 40% commission.

Approved makers are required to pay the rental contribution cost at the beginning of each sales period (either 1 or 3 months). These costs are non-refundable, even if only a portion of the time is used. Maker's who agree to a 3 month sales period will not be entitled to any proportional refund should they decide not to stay for all 12 weeks.

In addition, on each sale made through the store a 30% commission is kept by Far Fetched Designs, which includes 10% GST Far Fetched Designs is required to pay on each retail sale. This 10% is based on the sell price and is a legal requirement for all businesses selling goods in Australia. We are not required to provide details of the makers supplying the store to the ATO, and the GST payment is required of us regardless of whether our makers are registered for GST.
Why charge commission and rent?
We have thought long and hard about what works best for everyone involved. Obviously the store needs to make money to keep going, but it’s just as important that we are supporting small businesses and the relationship is as fair and profitable as possible for the makers involved.

If we just charged rent and no commission – the rent would be much higher, in order to re-coup the funds required to keep the business running. What happens then is all makers must pay the same amount, which is fine for the top selling makers, but not so great for those not selling as well, whose product might be more seasonal, or for a new maker product testing the retail market. By keeping the rent as low as possible but charging a commission rate – we’re assisting those makers who may be having a tougher sales week.
What is included in the cost?
For this cost, your business with receive:

• Stock available for sale 6 days a week during winter months, and 7 days a week in summer.
• Loads of exposure to new customers
• Promotion via our email database, Facebook and Instagram feeds.
• Fully staffed for store open 6-7 days a week (current opening hours are weekdays & Saturdays 10am to 5pm and Sundays 10am to 3pm) - closed Mondays during Winter.
• Additional promotional night sales opportunities & extended hours closer to Christmas.
• All inclusive of overhead costs; including CC and EFTPOS fees, bags and packaging, and free gift wrapping for customers, etc.
• Ongoing visual merchandising in store and rotating window displays.
• The option for makers to remove product anytime for markets or events and re-stock at their discretion
• No definitive space restrictions – all products are organically merchandised, mixing with other brands, keeping the shoppers experience in mind rather than displaying by brand.
• A minimum of 5 items listed for sale via our website - decisions of which can be the makers.
• A weekly state of play sales report of products and figures.
• A monthly payment of sales made, less commission and the next trading period’s fees (if appl.)
How long would l be stocked in store?
We are happy for any contract period to be ongoing so long as both Far Fetched Designs and the maker are happy with the arrangement. We do assess each stockist quarterly and should we feel that we need to allow a new maker an opportunity to sell in store, we will discuss this, in advance of contract ending, with the maker. Preference is usually given to existing makers, if they are happy to continue and sales are steady; however, we are not comfortable with continuing to charge a maker rent if we do not feel we are giving them an adequate return for that investment.
How are products priced?
Makers are required to set their own sell prices, and ensure all products are tagged and priced (with removable stickers) before being delivered to the store. Sell prices need to take into consideration the 30% commission that will be subtracted on each sale.

As we promote our maker’s brand with links etc, it’s important that the prices in store do not vary significantly from prices for the same goods elsewhere.
How much space will I be allocated?
We do not limit people to a specific amount of space, as obviously a painter and a jeweller’s needs are different, and we strongly believe that a blended display of all products works best. If you are accepted and are in doubt on what to bring in, we’re happy to help with suggested stock levels. We also have storage for extra back up stock, which is recommended if you live a bit further away and would find restocking difficult.
Can I bring in any products l make?
We do stock a wide variety of products and are willing to consider just about anything especially if it is new, innovative and original - but most importantly, if it is handmade or locally designed.

On rare occasions, we may not select all of your products for inclusion if your application. This will primarily be because either it competes with something we already stock, or we don't believe it will work for our customer demographic. If you hear back from us and you are successful, we may itemise which products are accepted, and based on that – you can decide whether you will join us or not.

If you are a rent paying maker and you create something new in your range that you’d like us to stock, we’ll happily review and assess each new product at any time.
What if l'm not successful?
Unfortunately not everyone can be accepted to participate as a maker at Far Fetched Designs. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your product – it just means that we’ve had to make a decision based on the space, the demographic of the area and the other artists involved.

If you are not immediately accepted, your application will be kept on file and should a vacancy arise that we believe you can fill, we will contact you to discuss it.

We are always overwhelmed by the response from makers interested in joining us, and unfortunately cannot accept everyone. Please do not be disheartened if you are not offered a spot immediately.

Please not that we do not accept applications for children's clothing & baby's bibs.
We also do not accept products sold in other retail spaces within a 5km radius of the store (via your own website or at markets does not apply to this rule)
How do l apply?
If you like what you hear and think Far Fetched Designs might be a good fit for you and your business, please complete the below application information & send through accompanying product images to

If you still have questions or if anything needs clarification; please feel free to give us a call during business hours, send through an email or even just pop in for a chat (Tuesdays to Saturdays are best for this).
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Who are your products made by: *
Where else are your products currently available for purchase (please list): *
Is there anything else you would like us to consider when assessing your application? *
Just one more step!
Please email, in whatever format suits you best, images of each of your products to OR use the space below to list URL links to images on your social media or website.

If you have many variations of the same type of item, 1-2 image examples per style/price point will suffice.

Please list the following information for each item.
• Name of Item:
• Retail Sell price :
• Approx. size of Product (if not immediately apparent):

Please do not send a bulk lot of large photo files via email. If you have a lot of images, consider creating a collage and/or reduce file sizes wherever possible. Or consider including links to images on your website or FB page.
OR list URL links to access your images here...
Now you can hit the submit button below - and that's it! You're done!


Rachael and Belinda at Far Fetched Designs x
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