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LINE Group Sign-ups: Form
Hey guys, it would be really helpful if you can fill this out so we can keep track of people in the LINE group! :)
We will share the answers with everyone in the group.
Name *
Or what do you prefer to be called?
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Line ID *
Make sure to provide us your line ID and not just Line name so we could search and add you!
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Alternative contact
In case we can't find you via your Line ID. Can be email or Instagram.
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Tumblr Handle
If you have one and are okay with sharing :)
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Other Social Networks
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What is your current location? *
City, State, (Country if not in the U.S.)
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Where have you lived?
Feel free to share multiple!
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What are you currently doing with your life?
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How did you hear about Gaysian Third Space? *
Why did you join Gaysian Third Space? *
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What do you hope to get out of Gaysian Third Space?
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Where is your favorite boba/bubble tea/milk tea place?
"I don't like boba" is not an allowed answer :P
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