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2019 '12 Days' Holiday Ideas Blog Hop
It's our 5th Year and the first year we are working with Sponsors! We are super excited for the 2019 Holiday '12 Days' Blog Hop.
Changes!! New name to embrace the fact that we are not torturing ourselves by posting 12 Days in a row. Spreading out this event over 4 weeks with three posts per week was a huge success last year so we are sticking with that format.

Sponsors! As of this moment we are working to pitch sponsors for this event and have secured our first one which is quite exciting! There will be separate Sign Up forms for each sponsor. Those will be published in the FB group as they become available. Please sign up for all, some or none as you wish but keep in mind that by accepting the opportunity to work with a sponsor, you will be required to promote across all of your social media accounts and tag the sponsor(s). Each sponsor will offer their product(s) to be shipped to you free of charge in exchange for a quality blog post featuring their brand and the item them shipped. Details will be included in the sponsor sign up forms as they become available.(Sponsors are for U.S. bloggers only unless otherwise indicated)

Also New This Year is a Sponsored Giveaway! Details to follow as we secure sponsors. (Giveaway will likely be U.S. only based on Sponsor willingness to ship the prize)

There are 12 Days of original content posting required for this event. HTML will be provided with Sponsor links/Graphics included which will be required to be included. Inlinkz codes will be provided to place at the bottom of your Recipe/Tutorial post on each of the 12 Days.

The minimum number of days you can participate is four (4). You can participate all 12 and will benefit with lots of holiday traffic which translates into mo money, mo money, mo money!

Topics this year in the order of publication are:

Gift Guide Round Ups (affiliate links welcome)
Christmas Survival Guide Round Up (affiliate links welcome)
Christmas Kids Activities (any activity, craft, baking, traditions or things you do with the kids at Christmas)
Games (think in terms of Christmas party games or group games)
Advent Calendar
DIY Wreath
DIY Ornament
Christmas Printables (think of games, scavenger hunts, signs to frame, organization checklists, invitations etc.)
Christmas Pot Luck Recipes
Christmas Desserts/Sweet Treats
Christmas Breakfast
Christmas Tree

Publications Dates for 2019: November 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27 and 29. December 2, 4 and 6. It equates to 3 post per week; Mon., Wed., and Fri. for four weeks.

Please note that we have put Christmas Tree last as usual because it is sort of a freebie blog post. No cooking or crafting involved. Just snap some adorable photos of your Christmas Tree which you will likely have up by then anyway and boom you have a blog post! People are interested in all sizes, shapes and decorations on a Christmas Tree so there is no such thing as too small or too large.

FACEBOOK GROUP. If you are not in the Facebook Group for this event, you will be invited after being accepted to participate. Signing up does not guarantee a spot. Watch your email for acceptance.

Sign Ups close Aug. 31, 2019

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