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FNESU Act 46 Community Forum Survey September, 2017
The local school boards would like to hear from community members regarding the proposed direction related to school governance consolidation in FNESU. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.
What town do you live in? *
Which Act 46 Community Forum(s) did you attend? *
What have you been hearing about Act 46/49 in FNESU? *
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What are your thoughts about the direction we should take in FNESU regarding Act 46/49 School Governance Consolidation? *
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Suggestions for how we can most effectively communicate about Act 46/49 in our 5 towns? *
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What, if anything, did the Community Forum help you to understand about Act 46/49? *
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What questions, or worries, do you still have about Act 46 in FNESU? *
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If the vote for consolidation were today, would you vote in favor of the proposed side by side merger? *
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