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Course Preferences for 6th Graders 17-18
This form is for incoming 6th graders only. Please only submit it one time.
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All students are offered voice in their placement for these courses, of which they may take up to four each year. Here are the courses that still have available slots as of June 13th:
ELECTIVES (optional to complete)
6th Grade Electives classes at Merrill include: Visual Art, PE, Smart Lab, Spanish*, Gifted and Talented, Vocal Music, Drama and Band*. Each class, with the exception of Spanish and Band, is one semester long. *Indicates a year-long course. Students may elect to take Band, Spanish, and/or one semester of Gifted and Talented. Please choose no more than four (4) options below (less than 4 if you plan to take a year-long course).
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