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Bodysuit Order & Measurement Form
Please provide exact measurements. Do not give smaller than actual sizes intentionally as the suits are extremely tight fitting and may not fit you otherwise. Thank you very much.
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Add-Ons or Others (Specify any special requirements here)
Refer to measurement guide below. Question numbers represented in brackets (x) corresponds to the number in the measurement guide. Please provide exact measurements as the suit will be compensated to be tight fitting. Falsifying smaller measurements is necessary and may render the suit unwearable.
Gender *
Height (In CM) *
Weight (In KG) *
Measurement Guide
Shoulder Width (In CM) *
(1) Torso Length (In CM) *
(2) Bust Circumference (In CM) *
(3) Waist Circumference (In CM) *
(4) Hip Circumference (In CM) *
(5) Inner Thigh Length (In CM) *
(6) Thigh Circumference (In CM) *
(7) Ankle Circumference (In CM) *
(8) Foot Length (In CM) *
(9) Inner Arm Length (In CM) *
(10) Arm Circumference (In CM) *
(11) Wrist Circumference (In CM) *
(12) Palm Circumference (In CM) *
(12b) Fingertip to Wrist (In CM) *
(13) Middle Finger Length (In CM) *
(14) Head Circumference (In CM) *
(15) Neck Circumference (In CM) *
(16) Face Length (Hairline to Chin In CM) *
Latex bodysuit additional measurements
If you ordered the latex bodysuit, please provide the additional measurements below. Use the measurement guide on the right.
(L) Neck Length (In CM)
(F) Knee Circumference (In CM)
(G) Calf Circumference (In CM)
(K) Shoulder Circumference (In CM)
(T) Torso Circumference (In CM)
(M) Waist to Crotch (In CM)
Hand measurements (In CM):
Thumb, Length, Circumference
Fore finger, Length, Circumference
Middle finger, Length, Circumference
Ring finger, Length, Circumference
Little finger, Length Circumference
Toes measurements (In CM):
Big toe, Length, Circumference
Fore toe, Length, Circumference
Middle toe, Length, Circumference
Fourth toe, Length, Circumference
Little toe, Length Circumference
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