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2019 Men of Truth Conference Sends Your Questions to our Presenters!
Use this form to submit specific questions to the speakers to have possibly answered. All responses will remain confidential. More information about the sectionals and speakers can be found at:
Session 1: Answers to Anxiety - Dr.Joshua Mears
Anxiety Disorders are impacting males and the way that we effectively function in our vocations in the areas of employment, church, community and the home. This presentation will examine the unique aspects of anxiety clinical disorders and how they present for males with devastating consequences such as workaholic tendencies, avoidant or absent father patterns, and alcohol misuse. The audience will come away with specific strategies to challenge these patterns and develop a strong and healthy male identity.
What specifically makes you the most anxious?
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What do you try to work through your concerns?
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Session 2: Godly Men Among Us: Things I wish I knew in my 20s, 30s, 40, 50s, etc. - Panel of Mr. Mark Wrightsman, Prof. Roger Klockziem, and Rev. Rob Guenther
Each of the speakers will share their unique life experiences, as well as several challenges faced along the way. Notice the large differences in the backgrounds and life experiences of these presenters.
What age bracket(s) interests you the most in this presentation? (Choose all that apply)
What life challenges from those age groups interest you the most?
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Session 3: Godly Man, a Woman’s Perspective - Ms. Naomi Schmidt
What do women expect in a Godly Man? What is their particular perspective? What do women need? What does it mean to be a Godly counterpart?
What question would you really answered about women?
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Where do you specifically feel that you struggle in your relationships with women?
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