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Corporate Initiatives - Workplace Vegan-Friendliness Survey
Thank you for participating in this important Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management (VLCM) survey. The data will help us identify which companies and which areas are good candidates for vegan improvement initiatives. The results will enable us to support efforts of the vegan employees to form groups and start vegan or plant-based programs in their workplaces.

Please note this survey is intended to analyze conditions at companies. Please answer the questions as they relate to your experience related to one specific company, whether current or recent. You will have the option to answer again if applicable, such as if you have both a current and past employer.

VLCM is a not-for-profit, non-commercial community with no affiliation with other companies or vegan organizations. The results of this survey will only be used to drive VLCM programs, which are 100% free to our members.
Are you currently a member of the Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management (VLCM) group on LinkedIn? *
What is your location? *
What is the name of your employer? *
What is your role at the company? (NOTE: If you are a sole proprietor, this survey does not apply to you unless you are answering about a previous employer.) *
How many employees does your employer have? (If not sure and unable to look it up, please estimate) *
Which of the following best describes your work environment? *
Does your company have its own dining facilities (i.e. cafeterias/canteens for employees only) in one or more of its locations? *
Which of the following BEST describes the vegan offerings at your company's dining facilities? *
At company outings or events that include food, how well are vegans usually accommodated? *
Does your company offer an onsite health/wellness program (vegan or not) to its employees?
Clear selection
Which of these programs is your company formally committed to (specific initiatives currently in place, or statements on the company website, in employee handbook or newsletters, policies etc.)? Check all that apply. *
Does your company organize workplace lunch & learn events with outside speakers or providers? *
Do you currently have a vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based employee group at your company? *
Does your company provide a platform for employees to form interest/affinity groups? *
How many people do you know within your company (across all locations) who are vegan, vegetarian, and/or outspoken advocates of plant-based foods? *
On a scale of 1-10, how generally progressive (i.e. forward-thinking) is the company culture where you work? (1 = not at all progressive & very slow to respond to social changes; 5 = average for its industry; 10 = extremely progressive & willing to push the boundaries on some social issues) *
Not at all progressive
Extremely progressive
Are you familiar with the following VLCM programs (free to the members)? Check all that apply. *
Please provide any additional comments relevant to this topic. Your comments might include specific actions by your employer in the last 2 years indicating either its interest in vegan improvements or the lack thereof, efforts you've made, or any other thoughts you'd like us to read.
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