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Bee Smart Internship Application
Taking the first step to going through the BBE-Tech Apiary Service Bee Smart beekeeping project apprenticeship program
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Do you have any practical (hands on) beekeeping experience before now? *
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Beginning the Internship is the 1st phase of an apiarist training project, do you expect to go through the training program and all it entails? *
Beginning the internship, intending to become and Apprentice requires possibly paying for beekeeping classes and having to pass knowledge and applied skills exams. Are you anticipating moving to the Apprenticeship after being an Intern? *
Why do you want to be a beekeeper/Apiarist? *
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Interns and Apprentices are associated with BBE-Tech Apiary Services and may be asked to assist with projects in various locations around the Omaha/Metro area, not just one particular apiary we manage. *
If you answered that you are affiliated with one of the managed locations, please specify the location, if not, skip this question.
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Interns are not obligated to take classes or tests nor pay for participation. Only moving into the Apprenticeship requires testing and associated training expenses. However, to complete the internship does require completing an demonstrated applied skills checklist to be considered as having successfully completing the internship. Do you expect to complete the internship program. *
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