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The 'How free is your soul?' test by Coach Toyin
"I saw a problem in myself; I saw a problem in the world." - Coach Toyin.

Does this describe you:

"I know what is good and what is bad, but I don’t choose the good, neither do I run away from the bad. Actually, I often mix the good with the bad. At times, I wonder:

"Why do I do these 'off' things? Why can't I just embrace the identity that God has offered to me? Why don't I rather choose experiences and relationships that heal my heart? How can I have a meaningful heart-to-heart relationship with God in which I experience Him and His power and love as real? How do I wade through the clutter that is my lifestyle and mindset, to discover my purpose and identity?"

Mehhhnnn! I feel you!
"I saw a problem in myself; I saw a problem in the world." That's my story. For most of my walk with God, it felt like no matter how I tried to choose the good, it was the bad that I ended up doing. I struggled with bitterness and insecurity. Fearfulness and unforgiveness defined my actions. Despite being saved, I did not feel like free from the power of sin and brokenness, and worse still, I looked around me and found that many Christians had the same struggles!

Well, the Lord has since taken me on a journey of transformation and increasing victory; that journey has brought me here; I now work with others to help them deal with 'the problem they see in themselves, and in the world'.

TEST YOURSELF. Do you also have this 'problem' that I described above? Answer these questions below (you can choose to be anonymous, if you prefer)

Your answer
Your answer
How free is your soul?
On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being ABSOLUTELY NOT and 5 being ABSOLUTELY, to what extent do the statements in the table describe you?


When I speak of “SIN” below, I am referring to anything that makes you experience any LEVEL OF DISCONNECTION FROM GOD.

When I speak of “INNER BROKENNESS”, I mean any ENDURING AND DEFINING MINDSET OR CHARACTER TRAIT that you may have as a result of your life experiences, that indicates you are NOT HEALED or WHOLE within your HEART or that you are still being DRIVEN OR COMPELLED to respond to life as a broken victim of your life experiences e.g. persistent anger, bitterness, malice, meanness, insecurity, self-righteousness, fear, lack of self-confidence, depression, unforgiveness, pride, greed, inferiority complex, superiority complex, wickedness, abusiveness, being judgmental, unloving, ashamed, rejected, unkind, disinterest in God, purposelessness, disconnectedness to God etc.

1. I love God and always feel connected to and interested in Him *
2. I no longer struggle with habitual sin *
3. My identity and lifestyle is not driven by my past/present hurts and brokenness *
4. I want a deeper relationship with God and there's nothing in my life that is preventing me from pursuing this *
5. I do not feel guilt, shame or difficulty any time I try to draw closer to God *
6. I hear God's voice easily and frequently, and I obey it. I experience God's presence frequently and easily *
7. I am proud and eager to live a Christian life openly before the world *
8. I know/understand and have embraced my identity in Christ *
9. I respond to hard times in my life in godly strength and wholeness, pleasing God at all times *
10. I am willing to let go of anything in my life that dilutes my interest in God *
11. I feel like I have access to God's strength that enables me to fulfil His purpose in my life, no matter how scary that purpose is *
12. I am daily allowing God to work in me to transform me to become more like Him *
13. I feel like I have power over sin and inner brokenness and my past painful experiences do not define me in a negative way *
14. I pattern my mindset, lifestyle and choices around what I know pleases God, not around what is in line with general trends and mindsets around me *
15. I know my God-given purpose and how I fit into God's bigger plans in the world *
Add up the numbers that tallied with each answer you gave in the test. What was is your score out of 75? *
Your answer
Good job! Now add up your scores and give yourself an overall rating out of 75.

If you scored 45 or lower, it means you chose a rating of 3 or less for most statements. So when I said at the beginning:

“I saw a problem in myself; I saw a problem in the world,” I think you feel me, right? If so, know this: You may not be experiencing a 'free soul' right now, BUT YOU CAN! It is for you that God instructed me to create THE B.O.O.M WALK PROGRAM. You have a journey ahead of you - a journey to true inner freedom that will spill out of your soul and spirit and transform all areas of your life. It will even transform the lives of others because the direct result of a soul that is being transformed, is the ability to discover and walk in God's purpose for your life!

To find out more about THE B.O.O.M WALK PROGRAM, go to and dare to unravel the war against 'the God life' that you were created to live from your soul and spirit.

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