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D103 PTO "Extra for Extracurricular" Grant Request Form - 2019/2020
The D103 PTO has started accepting grant requests for extra-curricular programs within the D103 school community for the 2019-20 school year. A limited amount of funds is available.

Proposals may be for equipment needs, travel expenses, activities, start-up extra-curricular club expenses, and anything that enhances the extra-curricular lives of the children in D103. Requested funding must be broken down and detailed. While preference is given to proposals made by D103 staff that offer school-wide access to our students; parents and/or staff member sponsored students are also encouraged to submit proposals that will benefit extra-curricular program needs. Please be advised, however, that any new extracurricular club start up proposals submitted by a parent or staff-sponsored student needs prior approval by a District 103 school administrator before PTO can consider funding.

Please fill out this form completely. Requested funding must be detailed. The PTO will review requests during the school calendar year.
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More Details and "The Fine Print"
Purpose of the Extracurricular Grant Program

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) of District 103 is a volunteer-based non-profit organization focused on:
1. Promoting an environment in which every student has the opportunity to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.
2. Promoting a close relationship between the home and the school, so that parents, guardians, teachers, school staff, and school administrators may cooperate in the education and enrichment of the students.
3. Bringing the community and school into closer contact, stimulating interest in and encouraging support for our schools.
4. Raising funds to support the objectives above.

In line with this mission, the purpose of the PTO Extracurricular Grant Program is to provide funding to enrich and enhance students' extra-curricular educational experiences and well being in the school setting, and to support our school community in their creative and innovative thinking.

Extracurricular Grant Funding
The grant program is made possible solely by the fundraising efforts of the D103 PTO. For the 2018-19 academic year, the D103 PTO has approved funding $6,000 in extracurricular grants: $3,000 for the first half of the year (August-December), and $3,000 for the second half (January-May).

Extracurricular Grant Committee
The Extracurricular Grant Committee is composed of the D103 PTO President, the PTO Vice President, the PTO Treasurer, the appropriate school Principal, and several parent leaders on the PTO General Board.

Extracurricular Grant Criteria
All ideas are welcome. No idea is too big or too small to be considered. We would love to approve every grant!
1. Proposals will be considered in totality to allow decisions based on equity among grades, and classrooms.
2. The goal of the Extracurricular Grant Program is to benefit as many students as possible.
3. Proposals that are denied solely because of insufficient Extracurricular Grant Funds are encouraged to be resubmitted the following year, and will receive preferential consideration at that time.
4. PTO Extracurricular Grant Funding will not be awarded for projects or materials that are normally provided by the school district.

Extracurricular Grant Terms and Conditions
1. All items purchased through the PTO Extracurricular Grant Program become the property of the associated School, (Sprague, Half Day or Daniel Wright).
2. Extracurricular Grant recipients will be supplied with the PTO's tax ID number so that sales tax will not be applied to the purchase.
3. Grants will be paid out in one of two ways:
a. Grant recipients may provide invoices to the PTO Treasurer, who will write the checks and notify you that payment has been made. We prefer that recipients use this method, particularly for larger expenses.
b. Grant recipients may pay for expenses directly, and then request reimbursement from the PTO Treasurer. Recipients will be required to fill out a voucher form to request reimbursement and to attach receipts totaling the amount of reimbursement. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within two weeks of the date the recipient pays the expense, and in no event later than 2 months from date of award. Receipts must be dated after the grant is awarded as the grant is not intended for expenses incurred prior to receiving an award.
4. After students have benefited from the grant (or begun to benefit in the case of an ongoing program), grant recipients are encouraged to submit a brief (one paragraph) report to the PTO that will be presented at a PTO meeting. The PTO looks forward to celebrating, promoting, and publicizing the efforts of the grant recipients and their accomplishments with the grant program. Grant recipients are invited to submit materials that could help showcase their projects, such as pictures, if appropriate. Information from the reports and any other submitted materials may be used on the PTO website, Facebook, D103 E-Newsletters and during appropriate school events (such as Curriculum Nights). The more that parents and teachers are made aware of the benefits of the PTO grant program, the greater support it will have in years to come.
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