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2019 DIT Application
To save your progress please complete the contact info section of the application. Then you can skip to the end and hit submit at which you will be given a

A few things for you to know as you complete this application:

1) Spend some time in prayer before, during, and after filling out this application. Allow God to be a part of the process, as He is the one guiding you!
2) Be fully honest in all your answers.
3) A lot of the questions are short answer. Therefore, please use 3-4 sentences when answering (use more if you feel you need to).
4) If you are unsure of how to answer a question, or what the question is asking, please don’t hesitate to contact our Program Director, Chris Griffith. You can contact him at either (218) – 829 – 6767 OR
5) Take a deep breath and enjoy the process.

Thank you for your interest in serving at Camp J.I.M. this summer as a DIT! We look forward to getting to know you in the future!
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