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2019 DIT Application

A few things for you to know as you complete this application:

1) Spend some time in prayer before, during, and after filling out this application. Allow God to be a part of the process, as He is the one guiding you!
2) Be fully honest in all your answers.
3) A lot of the questions are short answer. Therefore, please use 3-4 sentences when answering (use more if you feel you need to).
4) If you are unsure of how to answer a question, or what the question is asking, please don’t hesitate to contact our Program Director, Chris Griffith. You can contact him at either (218) – 829 – 6767 OR
5) Take a deep breath and enjoy the process.

Thank you for your interest in serving at Camp J.I.M. this summer as a DIT! We look forward to getting to know you in the future!

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