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Cortisol Pumping Survey
Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is conducting research on the current method of cortisol pumping in order to further technology developments to manage adrenal insufficiency. This information is confidential and no personal information will be shared.

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation is a patient empowerment organization that encourages, educates and advocates for sufferers of all adrenal diseases and is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
EIN: 83-3629121.

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Why did you begin the pumping method of cortisol replacement?
Has it improved your quality of life?
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What is your basal dose?
What type of pump system do you use?
On average, how often do you change sites?
How often do you bolus?
What requires a bolus dose? (i.e- Exercise, stress, pain, etc)
How much solu-cortef do you place in the reservoir on average?
What are the pros of your current pump system?
What are the cons of your current pump system?
If you could change one thing regarding your pump, what would it be?
Has insurance covered your pump/supply costs?
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How much would you estimate you have spent on cortisol pumping costs within one year?
Do you intend on using the cortisol pumping method to treat your cortisol deficiency for the rest of your lifetime?
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What types of basal programs do you program into your pump? (Sick rates, etc)
Would you be interested in participating in a research study regarding cortisol pumping?
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How likely are you to recommend cortisol pumping to another adrenal disease patient?
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What is your diagnosis?
What advancements would you like to see made regarding adrenal disease management?
What Solu-Cortef ratio do you implement into your pump?
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