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Volunteer Application
Please note! We are currently in transition and we are looking to fill a staff position that includes volunteer coordination and communication. Thank you so much for your patience as there will be delays until the position is filled.

Please don't hesitate to call (559.725.1865) or email us directly ( if you have questions or wish to follow up on a specific area of interest.
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Why do you want to volunteer your time with the Coalition?
How did you connect with the Justice Coalition? What other events/opportunities relating to human trafficking have you been involved in?
Describe where you are in your spiritual journey. Note: We are a faith based organization but do not require volunteers to share our faith.
Are you part of a local faith community? Which one, and how long have you attended?
What practical skills or previous experience do you have that might be of use to our work? (If you are applying for a specific role, please share how your skills/experiences will aid you in being effective in that role.)
Please state any short or long term goals you may have for your work in the area of human trafficking/other related issues.
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All volunteers are required to attend our Human Trafficking 101 class (offered various times throughout the year). Will you commit to this training when it is offered? (NOTE: Depending on the class schedule and nature of your volunteer role, there may be ways to volunteer prior to taking the class.) *
Please provide 2 references whom we may contact if necessary. Please include one from your faith community, if applicable. No family members. *
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