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West Virginia State University Homecoming Vendor Agreement
Payment CAN NOT be made online. Please mail check or money order to:

West Virginia State University
Wilson University Union Rm 103
Attn: Chris Jackson
301 Washington Avenue
Dunbar, WV 25064

*Credit card payments must be made in the Wilson University Union in room 103. Apologies for this inconvenience.
**Please fill out the following form with the correct information and spelling.

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Vending Fee
Vending fee is $100. Any vendor that exceeds the 18' x 6' allotted space will be charged an additional $100. 18' x 6' is equivalent to three 6 ft. tables. Vending vehicle fee is $250. Payment can be made on the day of vending. Payment must be made by 12:00pm (noon) on the day of vending. Failure to comply could result in the dismantle of the vending area by campus police.
West Virginia State University Vending Policy
Transportation and parking are the responsibility of the Vendor. The University and the Student Organization sponsor are not responsible for transportation and parking arrangements, nor any costs incurred. Vendors may NOT bring vehicles onto brick walkways or grass areas anywhere on campus.

1.. Vendors must check-in at the University Union (Room 103) prior to setting up on campus. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. the day of the event. Vendors may NOT setup on campus until they have checked in. (Does not apply to Homecoming. Vendors will report to the vendor/tailgate area.)

2. No drugs or alcohol may be used or sold by the Vendor, agents or guests at any time while on WVSU campus.

3. Any litigation resulting from this agreement must be pursuant to the laws of the state of West Virginia.

4. In the event the Vendor violates the terms of this agreement or any of the vending guidelines, policies, rules or regulations of WVSU, the Vendor (or agent) will be notified, all sales will cease and all accounts will be settled immediately.

5. WVSU reserves the right to cancel this agreement for no cause, without prior notice.

6. This agreement is valid for the date(s) confirmed by the University Union Scheduling and Operations office only. In the event of bad weather, a vending day may be rescheduled within 30 days, if space allows.

7. This agreement does not imply an employer/employee relationship between the Vendor and the University Union and/or WVSU.

8. The Vendor agrees to comply with all Vending Policies as detailed on the reverse of this document, all University rules and regulations, and federal, state and municipal laws and ordinances.

9. The Vendor agrees to not use any trademark, logo, phrase or image belonging to or referring to West Virginia State University. Use of the University name is limited to listing the event location only. All other usages are prohibited.

10. The Vendor agrees to indemnify and save harmless WVSU, its cooperators, trustees, employees, students and agents from and against all liabilities, claims, suits, actions, damages, costs, expenses, and/or demands in any way related to or copyrighting or advertising or performance of this agreement by the vendor, its agents, contractors, employees, servants or concessionaires on the University premises. WVSU does not endorse or approve the misrepresentation of trademarks, copyrights or advertising by vendors.

11. West Virginia State University does not supply tables, chairs, or electricity. Generators are permitted.

12. Vendor must dispose of cooking oil off of the WVSU campus. Violators will be subject to a $1000 fine and will no longer be permitted to vend on the WVSU campus.

To Vendor & Sponsor Organizations
1. Vending is defined as “The sale of tangible products by a non-West Virginia State University person or organization.”

2. Vending sales are only permitted if sponsored by a fully recognized WVSU Student Organization, the Student Activities Office or University Union Scheduling. Only one vendor per organization, per day is allowed on campus unless a larger program having approval from the Student Activities Office is planned.

3. Prohibited Products: The sale of any non-tangible product is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, travel services, insurance products, discount cards/programs, promotional products, credit cards, utilities, mortgages or other loans, and/or subscriptions to any product or service. In addition, the sale of items already provided by an existing campus vendor, such as books, food, etc., will require special approval. WVSU does not endorse or approve the misrepresentation of trademarks, copyrights or advertising by vendors.

4. Food Vending: Food vending is only permitted as a part of a large-scale program or activity. WVSU Dining Services must be given first priority to provide food before a non-university vendor can be approved. Food products must be classified as non-perishable and vendors must follow University food handling guidelines. Food vending is restricted to a four hour time period and may be restricted to certain locations.

5. Vending Period Constraints: No vendor shall be permitted to conduct vending business for more than 10 times in any one calendar month, or more than seven consecutive days in any two-week period. No one organization may sponsor a vendor for more than 10 days in one calendar month.

6. Reserving Space: The sponsoring student organization must submit a Vendor Agreement form and a table space request to the Program Coordinator for each vending date desired. Reservations will NOT be confirmed until the Agreement has been completed in full and approved. This includes the daily vending fee. Incomplete or late vendor agreements will result in cancelled reservations.

7. Vendor agreements: The sponsor and the vendor must complete and return the Vendor Agreement by the deadline indicated, or a minimum of two business days prior to the vending date. Late or incomplete agreements will result in cancellation of any tentative reservations.

8. Request Denial: Specific vendor requests may be denied for reasons of duplicated services, safety concerns, incomplete contracts, late fees, or any other reason outlined in the vendor agreement.

9. Vendor Check-in: Vendors are required to check in at the University Union Office, located in Room 103, no earlier than 8:30 a.m. on the date of the sale. (Does not apply to Homecoming.)

You have read and agree to adhere to the above written rules, procedures, and policy. *
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