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Freedom of Information Act Request
The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to request records of public agencies within certain limitations.

For best results FOIA requests to the City of Hartford should be in writing, detailing the type, subject matter and date(s) of the records requested.

If you are unable to submit your request in writing, you may submit requests verbally with the appropriate department’s FOI Liaison. All FOIA requests received verbally will be documented by the FOI Liaison and a copy will be provided to you with your initial acknowledgement letter.
Document Fees
Please be advised that you will be offered the opportunity to review responsive documents at no charge, however there is a $.50 per page document fee for any pages you wish to take with you.
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FOI Requests
Please describe the information you are seeking with specific dates, names, departments, organizations and types of records to help us better serve you.
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