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英国浙江联谊会申请表 ZJUKA Application Form

Bank Name: HSBC
Account Name: Zhejiang UK Association
Branch Sort Code: 40-03-40
Account Number: 80618128
Reference: your name


A lifetime membership fee £20 need to be paid before you fill out the form. And the proof of payment (screen shot) need to be sent to: Thank you.
Save the Date: 10 Nov 2018, Lord Mayor's Show
中文姓名 Chinese Name *
英文名 English Name *
性别 Gender *
国籍 Nationality *
现职业 Occupation *
出生日期 DOB
出生地 Birth Place *
学历 Education *
联系地址 Address *
工作电话 Telephone (work)
家庭电话 Telephone (home)
手机 Mobile *
微信账号 Wechat account (you will be invited to join our member's group)
其他联系方式 Other Contact
邮箱 E-mail
Which year did you move to UK?
爱好和特长 Interests/Skills
与浙江的关系 Relationship with Zhejiang *
何处听说浙江联谊会 Where did you hear about us? *
愿意为浙江会做哪方面的义务工作 Volunteering
是否已交20英镑会费?Have You Paid lifetime membership fee £20? *
会费账号为: Bank Name: HSBC; Account Name: Zhejiang UK Association; Branch Sort Code: 40-03-40; Account Number: 80618128; Reference: Your name
本人同意所提交的信息需浙江会妥善保管,只用于浙江会联系及今后出通知和发送浙江会通讯快报使用,未经本人同意, 浙江会不得向第三方出示或出售本人联系方式I agree that ZJUKA can use the information provided for communication purpose, sending Activities Notification and push through ZJUKA Newsletters. Without my permission, ZJUKA can not pass my information to the third party or for sale. *
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