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Student Survey
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I am proud to be a student at Alder Grove. *
I am satisfied with the education that I am receiving through Alder Grove. *
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I am aware and satisfied with the variety of course options available through Alder Grove. *
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I understand Alder Grove's graduation requirements. *
I have a plan for after high school graduation. *
I am aware that there are volunteer, job shadow and internship opportunities available to Alder Grove students. *
I am aware that there is a college and career counselor on campus. *
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Are you aware that there is a student council? *
When I am on campus, adults at AGCS know my name and treat with me respect. *
When I am on campus, students are treated fairly. *
I can talk to adults at AGCS if I have a problem and get the help I need. *
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I am aware of options to receive additional help. (tutors, math lab, etc) *
I participate in school activities: On campus classes, parties, field trips, etc *
The school is well-maintained. *
I feel safe while I am on campus. *
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