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(台北)IM 2019 Spring Class春季課程線上報名-Theatre Tap Dancing 劇場踢踏舞
全新課程即將在 1月5日 開班囉!!
Theatre Tap Dancing 劇場踢踏舞
全台唯一 Broadway Theatre Tap !『 百老匯舞蹈訓練課程系列 』,帶您進入美國專業音樂劇演員的舞蹈訓練。
邀請您與我們一同舞出奇跡,將身體化為樂器,踏出悅耳激昂的旋律!Tap Dancing is a form of dance characterised by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. In our class, we will be teaching Broadway tap which is rooted in English theatrical tradition and often focuses on formations, choreography and generally less complex rhythms; it is widely performed in musical theater.
開課時段 Class Schedule
2019 春季班

Tap Dancing 百老匯踢踏舞 (兒童組7-14歲)
- 每週日 15:00-16:00

課程收費 Class Fee
專業學員 演出方案 (12堂正式課程+1次學習呈現上台機會)

Kids 兒童組 age 7-14 / Adult 成人組 14歲以上
原價 $7,300
三人同行/舊生/早鳥 $6,900
三人+早鳥/舊生+早鳥 $6,500


授課老師介紹 Teacher Bio
Carson Reiners
Carson Reiners,來自紐約,曾就讀於荷蘭CODARTS藝術大學,並在求學時期受邀加入奧地利林茲的舞團,並在當地的安東布魯克納音樂大學取得藝術創作學士。在北美和全球各地同時擔任表演者、編舞家、和視覺藝術家長達15年之久。作品深受各大劇院及藝術學院青睞,並在歐洲、印度、南非、秘魯、以色列等多國演出。獲獎無數的Carson,在三年前搬回芝加哥為各大劇場及大學演出擔任編舞設計。
Carson Reiners is a NYC choreographer/ teacher/ and performing artist who has worked in the USA and internationally for the last fifteen years in dance and theatre. She has been honored with numerous awards and residencies and her work has been commissioned for both dance and theatre. Her work has been shown extensively in NYC and Chicago where she has been based for the past several years. Prior to that worked on several international productions in Europe, India, Peru, Israel, and South Africa. She also has collaborated on several works where she teamed up with recognized musicians and visual artists. She attended CODARTS in Holland, and holds a BFA from the Anton Bruckner Universitat in Austria, as well as continuing studies in Biology and sports medicine. She has shared her love for dance to students throughout the USA and abroad and holds a firm belief and love that any student who walks through her doors, is her student and her responsibility from that day onward.
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