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I hereby confirm my interest in becoming a member of the UK-Latin America Brain Connectivity Research Network. This interest arises from the realisation of the opportunities that this new context would create to further develop our research work, collaboratively. After discussing the aims of the network with current members, the points of convergence of our ongoing projects, the contributions that our lab would make to such a context, and he benefits that would result from such a collaboration, I confirm my agreement in becoming an active part of it. We are aware that the network will focus on a working agenda which have been thoroughly discussed with existing members.
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Active Projects Relevant to Brain Connectivity (mark with an * those in which you would like to collaborate, if any, for example, projects you think would benefit from collaborative efforts from the network)
Techniques your lab has access to (e.g., EEG/ERPs, MEG, fMRI, Animal Models, etc.)
Techniques you are current using in your projects
Number of researchers of your lab involved in the projects above (if they are interested in becoming part of the network, please forward the link to this form to them)            
Publications in the field or in related fields (reference in PUBMED format)  
Please, add any ongoing collaboration which you think can be relevant to the UL-BCRN.
Can you tell us briefly what do you expect from the UL-BCRN?
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