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Running Goals 2019
Please fill out this form as part of running with WERG in 2019. This is crucial for the development of WERG sessions and training programs.
Please write your full name:
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If you had to pick only one of the following priorities for running, what would it be?
What is (or would be) your current 5km time? To nearest minute.
If you had to pick one, what is your favourite type of session?
What events are you planning on doing in 2019? Use "other" for ones not listed.
From the above, which one is your main goal race for 2019?
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What time are you aiming to get for the event above?
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What are your 1km TT, 3km TT and 5km TT goals for the year?
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Lastly, would you like a personalised training program from Oli for 2019 to assist you in preparing for an event/s?
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