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Gay Kickball USA Kickball Rules Survey
Crashing the Bases: allowing the pitcher and any other players, to rush forward once the ball is pitched.
Batters Box: I prefer having set dimensions for a batter's box, highlighted by cones or other objects. This includes having a clearly defined strike zone as well as batter's box width and depth.
Infield Fly Rule: If there are LESS than 2 outs, and there is a force play at 2nd base (runners are on 1st and 2nd), AND the batter kicks the ball straight up in the air in the infield, it's an automatic out. This prevents easy double plays and protects the batters.
Maximum number of players in the field
Regulation ball use
Slaughter Rule: If a game has played for forty minutes OR completed three innings (whichever comes first) AND “run differential” is equal to or greater than ten runs, then Umpire MAY end game.
Double kicks in the batter's box
Pitching - a ball counts as a strike if it bounces twice...
Pitching - a ball must be released...
Strikes and Fouls Rules *
Intentional Walks *
Tournament rankings are based on
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