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Design Mindful Mourning Interface in Digital Era
How often are you checking your Facebook page
Whose Facebook page have you visited after he/she passed away?
What kind of information do you care about while checking his/her Facebook page?
least concern
most concern
comments/conversations from others friends of him/her
content (status, links, videos...) he/she shared without tagging anyone
pictures you and him/her tagged in
links or videos you have been tagged in by him/her
conversations between you and him/her (not the ones in IM function)
just browsing around no matter what that content is about
What would you like to do when you are visiting this person's Facebook page?
Have you ever left any messages or pictures onto his/her timeline after he/she died?
Do you think checking the deceased person's Facebook page feels weird? Why?
If your answer for last question is YES, why you still doing that?
Do you think sharing your feeling with others is important in terms of mourning and remembering someone who passed away?
In terms of representing digital legacy for mourning practice, which information is more important?
least important
most important
time (date) when that interaction (event) happened
place where that interaction (event) happened
content of that interaction (e.g. Content of conversations)
images or videos recorded in that event
other comments or interesting experiences come to your head
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