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MCG Spring 2020 Project Preferences
Project 1: Woodchuck
Woodchuck Cider is a reputed company of the Middlebury area. Last semester we helped them with research on canned cocktails. This semester's project details TBD.
Project 2: Royal Oak Coffee
They are the new coffee shop in town (next to Fire and Ice), and the owners are super passionate about quality coffee and they want to create more than just a café – a community around coffee and its production process / people behind the drink. This team will have 3 distinct focus areas: performing a financial analysis of the cafe, implementing product line diversification, and devising an advertising campaign.
Project 3: SGA Meat Reduction
SGA and the Dining Committee has been working together since 2017 on meat reduction in dining halls. Their goal is to reduce it by 30% from 2017 baseline by the end of this year. Achieving this goal while keeping everyone happy at the same time is a big challenge. This project will involve working with real data from dining halls to analyze consumption patterns and advice on strategies to cut meat in an appropriate manner. The MCG team will have the ability to execute mini experiments throughout the year, given the nature of this project.
Project 4: RAD Innovations
Specialists of adaptive cycling, RAD innovations manufactures bicycles for customers with special needs. They are introducing a new product designed for customers with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to participate in a disability sport called Race Running. The client is situated in a farmland less than a mile away from campus (when driving past the knoll). They are looking to market this throughout New England, beginning with creating a racing club in Middlebury.

Project 5: SGA
The Middlebury Student Government Association (SGA) is responsible for representing student voices and concerns on campus. Members of the SGA work closely with the administration in the formulation of institutional policy, allocate student activities fees, and provide funding for student organizations. MCG will assess the current problems in the organization and advise on alternative organizational structures that will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the body. This project will include surveying and interviewing SGA members, researching student government bodies at other institutions, presenting the SGA with a model for more effective governance, and assisting the SGA in trouble areas including voter turnout, marketing, and fostering a culture of retention.

Project 6: Snow Bowl
The Snow Bowl is the college's ski area in Hancock. Details of this project are confidential, but it will involve surveying, research, and creating financial projections.

Project 7: Honey Holistic Esthetics
Honey Holistic Esthetics (HHE) is a waxing and skin care services studio based in Middlebury. Honey was founded by Hannah Zeno, an esthetician with 10 years of experience. She is currently the only employee. Beyond waxing, Hannah also provides some body/beauty consultations for clients. Going forward, Hannah is interested in developing her marketing strategy and collaborating with the College to increase foot traffic (and revenue) for Honey.

Project 8: Entree
Entrée is a centralized online ordering website that connects Middlebury students and town residents to their favorite local restaurants.Entrée’s online ordering system is now live, and it is possible for customers to place orders to pick up at Green Peppers and The Grill. This project will focus on exploring how Entrée should approach the task of implementing delivery services for their Middlebury customers.

Project 9: Brewery in Middlebury
This project will involve working with a popular brewery in Middlebury on new product research (for example, evaluating if a beer cocktail would be successful)
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