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Baby Grace Camp Application 2019
All campers must complete this application to be selected to attend camp. If selected, there will be additional paperwork to complete. Due to limited space, only 8 Dads will be selected for Dad Camp, 8 families selected for Family Camp, and 12 moms selected for each Mom Camp. Camp will be held at Wilderness Camping and Retreat Center near Lawson, Missouri.
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Camp is at Wilderness Retreat and Development Center near Lawson, Missouri
If applying for Dad Camp, Family Camp or Mom Camp, please provide the names and ages of the children you intend to bring to camp: *
NOTE: List children's ages at the time of the camp. Dad Camp is for chidren kindergarten and older; Family Camp is for children of all ages; Mom Camp is for children ages 0 - 4 (not yet started kindergarten)
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Do you and/or your children have any special needs that we should be aware of to make your camping experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible? *
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