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The Center for Human Flourishing Future Direction Input
This survey is coming to you from the 501c3 non-profit educational organization The Center for Human Flourishing (aka Davi Nikent.) As we enter our seventeenth year of business offering programs in Integral Health we are asking you as a valued constituent for feedback and guidance to assist us in planning how best to serve our community. Your responses and comments will remain confidential. Thanks so much for your time.

Deadline for survey participation is January 25th!
Name: (optional) If you want your responses to be anonymous fill this in as "Anon."
E-mail address: (optional) We may contact you for clarification of suggestions you make or if you indicate you would like to volunteer with our programming.
What is the most valuable program you attended and how did it impact your life?
How many years have you been attending programs presented by TCHF?
Generally, how would you rate the quality of programs you have attended.
least valuable
most valuable
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Do you have a budget for workshops, classes, events, films related to health, wellness, personal growth?
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If "Yes", what is the average amount per month you set aside for these items?
What topics are you interested in learning about? Check all that interest you.
How much time do you devote per month to exploring the areas of interest you checked above.
Are you be interested in a annual membership to TCHF with discount on programs you attend?
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Are you interested in volunteering with our organization? If "yes" please go to top of survey and add your name and contact e-mail.
Do you have a specific skill set that can support our operations? Check all that apply.
In your opinion what is the value of the programs and events that TCHF provides to the community ?
Are you interested in attending classes online through ZOOM?
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If your answer to the above questions was "No" or "Maybe" would you like a tutorial on how to use ZOOM?
Are you interested in attending programs in person during the Covid-19 restrictions? (limited number of participants with 6 foot distancing and masks in place.)
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What ideas do you have to support the organization moving forward in 2021?
And in support of your idea(s) how would you consider engaging to make that happen?
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