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Girl Guides of Canada - Lougheed Area: Training Registration Form 19/20
Please fill in all required information. If you do not know your iMIS number please make sure your address is filled in. A separate registration form is required for EACH training that you are registering for.

Please note if you are a Guider not from Lougheed Area there is a fee for training. The fee for evening and day trainings is $10 and weekend training is $100 unless otherwise stated on the information sheet for the training involved.
There is no fee for Lougheed Area Guiders. However if you are a no show you will be charged the fee by your District.
If you cannot attend a training that you signed up for please let your District Training Adviser know or e-mail
Name of the training you wish to apply for and the date of the training *
choose 1 training for each registration form that you submit.
Last name *
First name *
iMIS Number (membership number) *
District *
e-mail address
Please enter unless you don't have one. Reminders will be sent 1 week ahead via e-mail
Complete home address
not necessary if you have filled in your iMIS number (membership number)
if out - of area please list your area and district
Current Guiding positions relating to this training *
Previous Guiding positions relating to this training
Number of years as a Guider *
First Aid Qualifications
to be filled in if you hold a current first aid certificate
Clear selection
If you have a medical or dietary concern that we should be aware of for THIS training please state. If food allergy specify whether airborne or just ingested. (don't forget latex allergy if it applies)
to be filled in if you have any questions concerning THIS training.
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