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MyLuLaoshi 2020 Course Registration
Thank you for your interest in MyLuLaoshi PSLE Strategic Courses! Please take time to read through our terms and conditions before continuing on to the next section to fill in the application form!

On submission of the form, you'll receive an email copy of the submission. Please keep the email for future reference.

All questions are welcomed!

Strategic and Holistic Learning Experience
1. At MyLuLaoshi PSLE Strategic Courses, we strive to achieve an environment that encompass around discipline, respect, best efforts, calibration, and nurturing.
2. Laoshi remains dedicated and committed to helping her students achieve their goals, she requests that the students reciprocates the same levels of dedication, commitment and result-orientation.
3. Laoshi believes in driven efforts to attain personal best in order to create a positive learning curve.
4. Warnings serve as a healthy reminder for a student to adjust his/her learning attitude. Parents to assist in counseling the child to address the inappropriate learning attitude.
5. Laoshi's Philosophy is that as a trainer she does not ask for perfection, but she demands the right and positive (best effort) learning attitude. Diligence can make up for deficits. Laoshi wants to promote an effective learning experience and students are tailored to meeting their learning objectives. Through the use of critical thinking skills, synchronizing with techniques, and sensible deductions, it will help students to master their learning efficiency for results and evolve to be an independent achiever.

Terms & Conditions -
Enrollment and Graduation
1. Application must be fully completed and the placement fees ($30 per course) submitted in full before your child's place in the class is secured. Follow up students are exempted from placement fees. Deposit ($50 per course, non-refundable but deductible) is due on the first lesson, together with lesson fees.
2. Maximum of five (5) students will be accepted for each class. Minimum of three (3) students are required to start the class. Class may not commence until three (3) students are registered. In such event, we will offer parents to be placed in other classes available.
3. Class start will be confirmed within one month of enrollment submission, otherwise parent may choose to put on waitlist or to withdraw from queue by getting back the placement fees.
4. Deposit will be deducted at the end of Primary 6 course when student graduates from the course, or withdrawal upon advance notice, whichever is earlier.
5. For Primary 4 level, students can choose to attend LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses - there is only one class available for oral and compo and main paper each. Please note LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses are open to Primary 5 and 6 students as well.
6. For Primary 5 and Primary 6 levels, there are two courses, Oral & Compo Course and Main Paper Course. Placement fees and deposits are payable on per course signed up basis.
For current full fees & schedule, please visit:

Lesson Make up
6. In the event student is unable to attend the lesson due to medical leave or other reasons, student is welcomed to make up on the respective alternative lesson day. Lesson days available are found in the schedule issued on the first day of lesson and in advance at the end of every term.
7. For Tutorial Courses, make up will be done during Correction Time before the lesson starts. Ad Hoc lessons may be conducted in the event the student is unable to catch up during Correction Time. Payment for Ad Hoc lessons is reviewed on a case by case basis. Hence, we encourage students not to skip any lessons.
8. For Primary 5 and Primary 6 courses, in the event that make up is unavailable, Laoshi will do catch up with student during Correction time for subsequent lesson(s) to ensure the work is fully covered.
9. Please complete and submit lesson make up form (found in MyLuLaoshi Bag given during orientation) for any lesson make up for attendance tracking and lesson planning.

Incident Reports
10. An incident report system is designed to ensure that students remain in line with the learning objectives. We appreciate parents' support to counsel their child upon receipt of incident report on their conduct. The child should respond to the incident report using the Reflection Form attached to the report. Parents should consent to this system of management.
11. Upon the fifth (5th) incident report, we will consult parents and explore available options. We will only collect one FINAL payment for the next cycle for deposit offset. Parents are free to exercise this option.

Payment Matters and Withdrawals
1. Cash, Cheque and Internet banking (iFast transfer) payments are accepted. All Cheque payment should be crossed and made payable to Low Lee Sia. Please indicate invoice number for all payment made.
2. Placement fees are due on registration. Please note registration will NOT be entertained without the placement fees.
3. In the event MyLuLaoshi is unable to offer a placement within one month of registration, parents may either choose to be placed on waitlist, or request refund of placement fees and de-register for course.
4. Please note placement fees are consumed (i.e. non refundable, non deductible) upon the start of lessons. Placement fees are used to cover admin and materials costs.
5. Deposit and course fees will be collected on the first lesson attended, and fourth lesson of every cycle. Each cycle has four lessons. If your child joins mid-way through the cycle, course fees prorated for current cycle and the following cycle will be collected on the first lesson.
6. Pre-mature withdrawals will not be entertained. Parents are advised to consume all lessons of the cycle and decide on continuation before committing to the next cycle.
7. Deposits will be used to off-set the fees payable on the last cycle but not in forms of cash refund. A one cycle notice is required to facilitate the consumption of remaining lessons on the last cycle, and deposit offset.

Orientation for Parents
1. At first lesson, orientation will be given to students. Students will also be issued a LuLaoshi Bag in which all materials, schedules, forms and feedback are provided. Parents are encouraged to view through the Bag after the first lesson.
2. While homework is not given, students may be required to complete corrections which were not done so in class. Parents are encouraged to remind students to complete their corrections to avoid back log of work.

We encourage parents to be sure of their registration as refund of deposit and proration of course fees will not be entertained. For avoidance of doubt, you acknowledge that you are not entitled to reimbursement of the fees should the student fail to attend the lesson on the given day. Parents may attend the coinciding class provided in the term schedule as make up, but has to inform MyLuLaoshi in advance and submit the Lesson Make Up form. Notes will be issued for all paid lessons. You will accept that replacement of class, where given and provided during the course stipulated by Laoshi.

1. MyLuLaoshi shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage (including indirect or consequential loss and/or damage) arising there from, and I (parent) hereby indemnify MyLuLaoshi and respective employees from any loss or injury suffered by me or any abovementioned child arising from or incidental to the participation of the course.
2. MyLuLaoshi reserves all rights to amend terms and conditions.
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