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GSG International Travel Award Application
International travel awards are available for outstanding NAU graduate students traveling to a conference outside of the United States, Mexico, and Canada*. One $1,500 award will be awarded per Fall and Spring term. Application deadlines will be November 15th and February 15th for the fall and spring terms, respectively. Award winners will be announced by December 1st and April 1st, respectively. Awards can be used for travel within the academic year.

To be eligible to apply, students:

Must be enrolled in a program that requires research, scholarship, or creative work capstones (including, but not limited to, thesis and dissertations) at the time of the conference;
Must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA;
Must have completed at least one year of their graduate program;
Must be presenting at a conference (no workshops are considered) that is outside of the United States, Mexico, or Canada.

*For those traveling to Mexico or Canada, please refer to the general travel awards.
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