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**Rules and Guidelines**
- Must be on Most of the Time to attend Clan events
- Our Community are very respectful and kind to others, please be the same way.
- If You have any Ideas please Contact the Clan Committee they are the legislative branch of the clan.
- If Your under the age of 14 move out of the way.
- (For patrols) always Give a Unit Your 10-20 When following a Suspect and keep on Him Until Backup arrives You will learn this in Our BT (Basic Training)
Thank's for reading this If you are interested contact the LCPDRP Recruitment Department Director Wingeater299 or Assistant Recruitment Director footballcrush3r.


Junior Patrol Officer - Rank while You are a ride along and during Basic training,
Patrol Officer - 0 Patrol points
Senior Patrol Officer - 5 Patrol points
Corporal - 5 Patrol points
Corporal Major - 7 Patrol points
Sergeant - 7 Patrol points
Staff Sargent - 10 patrol points
Staff Sargent Major - 10 Patrol points
Sargent Major - 10 patrol points
Captain - 20 patrol points
Major - 25 Patrol points
Lieutenant - 25 Patrol points
Inspector - 35 Patrol points
Superintendent - 45 Patrol points
Bureau Chief - 45 Patrol points
Chief Superintendent
Chief Supervisor
Chief Director
2nd assistant Commissioner
1st assistant Commissioner
10-0 Arrived at Station
10-2 phone call with Supervisor
10-4 Understood
10-6 Health
10-7 Away
10-7 Away less than 5 minutes
10-7 Away for more than 5 minutes
10-8 On Duty
10-9 Repeat transmission
10-13 Shots fired
10-15 Subject in custody
10-20 Location of callout
10-21 Phone call
10-23 Responding towards location
10-25 Traffic stop
10-29 License check
10-29A All clear on Record
10-29B Not Clear on Record, State Subjects Record
10-30 Break from duty
10-32 Subject with Firearm
10-33 Subject with Knife/Stabbing
10-35 Domestic Disturbance
10-38 Gang activity
10-40 Human trafficking
10-36 Hostage situation
10-41 Shoot out
10-44 Suicidal subject
10-48 subject KIA
10-50 Motor vehicle Accident
10-61 Request SuperVisor
10-66 Request TSU
10-75 Request Fire Dept.
10-82 Request EMS/EMT
10-91 Request Tow Service
10-95 Request T.A.U
10-97 On scene
10-98 Scene clear
10-26 Need Additional Unit or Units
10-24 No additional Unit or Units
Code 4 Situation all clear
Code 5 Roadblock
Code 6 Speed trap
Code 8 Pit Maneuver
**Vehicle Codes**
SINGLE 1 No/Caution ELS Obey Traffic laws
SINGLE 2 Primary ELS Allowed Speeding
SINGLE 3 All ELS + Horn Allowed to speed


Unit: 102 Dispatch Show Me doing a 10-25 on (Location) on a (Vehicle description) 10-24 (No assistance required)
Dispatch: 10 4...
"Then you park your car, Get out and then walk up to the Drivers window"
Unit: Hello Sir/Mam I'm officer "Your Xbox Gamertag" with the Liberty City Police Department, do You know why I pulled you over?...
Civ: Answer depends...
Unit: Ok can I get Your Gamertag Please...
Civ: Gives Gamertag...
"Then You walk back to Your car and call dispatch"
Unit: 102 Dispatch...
Dispatch: 102...
Unit: Can I get a 10-29 on a (Suspects Gamertag)...
Dispatch: 10 4...
Dispatch: 102?...
Unit: 102...
Dispatch: (Gamertag) Comes back all clear...
Unit: 10 4...
"Then get out and charge (Gamertag) with what ever they did wrong then get back in Your car and call dispatch again"
"Make sure you inform the suspect that they have 30 days to pay the ticket (if given one) and if they do not a warrant will be issued for their arrest."
Unit: 102 Dispatch?
Dispatch: 102?
Unit: Charge (Gamertag) with (Whatever they did) and the 10 25 is going to be Code 4 and show me 10-8
Dispatch: 10 4
Training for Felony Traffic Stop: AT THE STOP

1. Primary Unit on the right, Secondary Unit on the Left, Third unit in the front

2. Primary Unit " Liberty City Police Department Any Occupents in the vehicle You are to be considered armed and dangerous step out
of the vehicle with your hands up"
(Go 1 by 1 at a time)

3. Take 2 stepps to your left Tell the occupent to walk towards u to the sound of ur voice with ur back turned until i say stop then
tell then to get on the ground

4. Secondary unit uses gun and primary detatins suspect

Ask the trainee if after they are detained if they are finished (if says yes then explain why you are not) for the Trainer only

5. Repeat the any occupent in the vehicle speech, if no response (Hidden Person) Ask the third unit if they see anyone i nthe vehicle
then the primary and third unit will walk towards the
vehicle with caution

6. If a Bomb is in the car then a E.S.U unit will be called on Scene

7. proceed towards the vehicle about 20 feet away with weapons pointed and circle the car to clear it 2 times
( move slowly around vehicle and move closer as you get more sure nothing is wrong with vehicle until it's cleared cleared)

1. Call to dispatch and report you have found the APB vehicle requesting 2 additional units (10-26's) and make sure it is received and backup is called

2. The secondary unit follows primary and the secondary unit calls our 10-20 = locations

3. the third unit will receive the call on where the APB car is heading and the third unit will cut him off from another street

(Keep updated position)

4. Light them up from third unit means all lights and sirens and conduct the Felony traffic stop

NOTE** This Traffic stop and FTS above is for The basic training stages, thanks
© 2017 Liberty City Police Department Roleplay Clan (LCPDRP) All Rights Reserved

1. What is your gamertag?
Your answer
1.A What Console do You play on?
1.B Do you have a mic?
2. How old are you?
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3. What is your date of birth?
4. What is your email address?
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5. LCPDRP has it's Patrols every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday, usually lasting from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST Time, it is encouraged that Members start to show up around 7:45 to 7:00 range so they can hear Captain go over assignments, based on that schedule, which days will you be able to attend?
Your answer
6. Give us a paragraph on why you would like to join LCPDRP. (be specific)
Your answer
7. If accepted, Will you be able to attend the Basic Training stage of the clan?
Your answer
8. Do you live in or the U.S or outside? (North American Players Only)
Your answer
9. What is your timezone? (Timezone you live in)
Your answer
10. What things can you bring to LCPDRP in the future?
Your answer
11. Once excepted do You swear that this clan comes first before anything else on Xbox One Xbox 360 and GTA IV?, (Real life issues don't count)
Your answer
12. Are you apart of any other GTA IV or V Community?
Your answer
13. Do you have Anger issues/issues with other players easily?
Your answer
14. What is Your Gender?
15. What internet provider do you have? So we know if your internet will allow you to connect to patrols.
Your answer
16. What is your NAT-Type? Xbox One players can check by going to Settings < Network settings, Xbox 360 can tell you if you have Call of Duty Black Ops II and load up Multiplayer.
17. Do you have GTA IV ISO Mods? Please note due to freezing issues with Team Deathmatch and people freezing, ISO mods are banned except for our commissioner to use.
Your answer
18. Do you have a interest in Law Enforcement?
Your answer
19. How did You find out about LCPDRP?
Your answer
20. After submitting an application, will you be able to respond back to the following gamertags on xbox live to continue your training. LAPD CLAN, Footballcrush3r,
21. Do You agree to these terms? "once accepted into LCPDRP. I will take full responsibility if I ever do anything that breaks any rules and i'm aware that I signed a terms accepting Responsibility if a event was to occur"
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