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Avoidance Screens
The concerns of social investors are diverse. Avoidance screens are a traditional values-based and socially responsible
investing approach. Avoidance screens identify companies with involvement in certain issues. For each issue below,
indicate your acceptable threshold of involvement. If the issue is not important to you select Not a Factor.
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1) Adult Entertainment -- this screen avoids companies with any involvement in the production or distribution of sexually explicit or violent content, including print,video, games, websites, movies, or live performance.
2) Tobacco -- this screen avoids companies that derive any revenue from the production or processing of tobacco or tobacco products and/or sale or distribution or supply materials intended primarily for use in tobacco products.
3) Gambling – this screen avoids companies involved in the ownership or operation of casinos, gaming parlors, racetracks, online gaming and /or sale of such gaming equipment.
4) Alcohol -- this screen avoids companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of alcohol, both wholesale and retail, either under their own brand name or who have licensed their brand or name for use in marketing these products.
5) Animal Testing – this screen avoids companies that conduct live animal testing in the development of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products and those companies with no official policy regarding treatment of animals in testing
6) Bioethics – this screen avoids companies involved in research using human embryonic stem cells and/or fetal tissue, either directly or through proxy arrangement.
7) Life/Choice -- this screen avoids companies engaged in the manufacture, marketing, and/or licensing of abortifacient or contraceptive production or that provides voluntary abortion services.
8) Military & Defense – this screen avoids companies involved in the manufacture of conventional military weapons, nuclear weapon systems, landmines, firearms or ammunition manufacturing or that are on the on US Dept. of Defense list of Top 100 Contractors.
9) Nuclear Power – this screen avoids companies involved in the ownership or operation of an active nuclear reactor or those that derive or purchase nuclear electricity for resale as well as suppliers to the nuclear industry.
What additional screens would align your investments with your values?
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