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IIIF 3D Community Group Expression of Interest
Please fill out this form as a way to indicate that you are interested in participating in a IIIF 3D Community Group. The IIIF community group framework can be found at We are in the process of drafting a charter, and your answers to this survey will help inform the charter.
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Institutional Affiliation
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Is your institution capturing 3D data?
What kind of objects are you capturing as 3D models?
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What method are you using for 3D capture?
What 3D file formats are you producing?
How are you delivering your 3D data to users?
Please describe how you are making your 3D data available to your users. Since there are so many possibilities, we've left this question open ended. Are you using Sketchfab? Autodesk? Some other web client for 3D models? Providing model data as downloads from your catalog or cloud storage service for use in Meshlab or similar desktop 3D client?
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What are your 3D interoperability use cases?
Why do you think an open interoperability framework would be useful for 3D data? What interoperability use cases does your institution have for 3D data? Comparison? Annotation? Please be as specific as possible with actual use cases if you have them.
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Are you creating VR or AR scenes?
What topics would you like to discuss with other interested parties as part of a IIIF 3D community group?
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Call frequency
If a IIIF 3D community group is created, how frequently would you be willing and available to participate in a IIIF 3D community call?
Would you like to help draft the charter?
Anything else you want to tell us about your interest in 3D data interoperability, or the goals of a 3D community group?
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