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Swim Club at Lodge 88 Wait List Registration
Hi Neighbors,

SPJST Lodge 88 is bringing our pool back and forming a Master Plan for a Swim Club. You can be a part of it!

By completing the form below, you will be placed on a Wait List which secures you first right of refusal for a Bond in the Swim Club if/when they become available. Before Bonds become available for sale, you will have the opportunity to review specific Bond terms, conditions, and costs. Bond price is anticipated to be $5000. The final amount will be approved prior to them becoming available for purchase and will be based on the construction budget. We expect Bonds will become available in August/September 2018 (just working out all the legal details).

It is anticipated that once the Bonds are available you will have not less than 15 but not more than 30 days to purchase your Bond. If you decide not to buy the Bond that is reserved for you or do not purchase your Bond in the days allowed, THERE IS NO PENALTY but you will have to re-register should you change your mind and will be placed at the end of the Wait List.

All members of the Swim Club at Lodge 88 will be required to have at least one head of household be a Member of SPJST Lodge 88 and to own a Bond in the Club. To be a member of the Lodge, you must own a qualifying policy form the Lodge (Life Insurance or Annuity) and pay Annual Dues (Currently $9 per person per year). No, you don't have to be Czech, but expect someone to try and teach you some Czech words if you are hanging out at our bar.

Note: There is no need to currently be a Member of Lodge 88 to join this Wait List. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE LODGE ONCE YOU COMPLETE THIS REGISTRATION. You will be given separate instructions on joining the Lodge.

As a member of the Swim Club, you will be required to pay Annual Swim Club Dues which we estimate will be about $800 - $1000 annually per family. These dues are strictly limited to covering the operational costs of running the Swim Club. There are no dues until the Swim Club begins operation which we are working to have ready to go Summer 2019.

Thank you for your interest in the Swim Club at Lodge 88. Please understand that Bonds will not be available for sale until we have our Master Plan finalized. In the interim, you may have the opportunity impact that Master Plan by participating in visioning sessions in the coming weeks. We will reach out when that time comes.

This Wait List creates no obligation on the Lodge's part to create a Swim Club, issue Bonds, or complete any other expressed or implied actions. BY COMPLETING THIS REGISTRATION FORM, YOU CONSENT TO ALLOWING THE LODGE TO PUBLISH YOUR LAST NAME ONLY TO THE WAIT LIST ON ITS WEBSITE.

We are very excited by your interest in joining us for this next great step for our Lodge. Beyond the future Swim Club and the weekly Bingo that you probably already know about, we have festivals, dances, kids clubs, over night camps, and many other activities that you can enjoy as a member. If you should have any question, feel free to email

Please, only one submission per family.


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