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Trainers and teachers questionnaires
Thank you for participating in the Biocontrol Training needs study of the European project BET (Biocontrol e-Training). This project is funded under the ERASMUS + programme, a European initiative for the development of educational and vocational projects.

The objective of the BET project is to create a new biocontrol distance training tool aimed at a broad audience of trainers (training organizations, Universities, Schools, Chambers of Agriculture, technical Institutes…) in different European countries. This project also targets trainees (students, farmers, professionals …) to give them a better understanding of biocontrol.

The aim of this questionnaire is to identify your training needs in the area of biocontrol.

1) What is your country? *
2) Do you teach biocontrol or engage in training? *
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3) Whom do you teach? (Multiple answer possible) *
For other, specify :
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4) Would you be interested in having access to free on-line biocontrol courses? *
5) If so, on which topics? (1 = not very interested ; 5 = very interested)
General notions about biocontrol
Integrated Pest Management
Product categories
Production / Formulation
Research and development
Other topic (specify) :
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6) Are you familiar with web-based distance learning tools (webinar, e-learning materials, LMS, etc…)? *
7) How do you prefer to access materials? *
8) Would you be interested in receiving information about our project process? *
If so, could you specify :
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Thank you for your participation
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