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Stay at our Catfarm Community
Dear guest,

This form is for if you want to book the Peugeot 404, tipi or stay here with your camper for the night.

More information about the accommodation you can find on the Catfarm website.

Peugeot 404 Upcycled Oldtimer
Airbnb profile :

Nomadic tipi
Airbnb profile :

Camper stay (on donation, suggested: 10.- a night)

For the price please check the Airbnb profile of the Tipi or the 404.
Using this form will give you a 10% discount on the total price shown on Airbnb.
Please make sure you have at least one review on Airbnb before applying.
To read our reviews see our profile.

You can also book throughout the Airbnb website.

For any questions about booking the Peugeot 404 or the tipi please call
Ulysses Schuitemaker
0031 6 45 32 41 53 (no sms please, but telegram <3 )
Please no inquiries about volunteering on this phone number. <3

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