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SIEGE 2019 Speaker Submission Form
Welcome to the SIEGE 2019 speaker and panel submission process!

Thank you for submitting your talk, workshop, or panel discussion to SIEGE 2019.

When: October 13-15, 2019

Where: Kennesaw State University Conference Center, Kennesaw, GA

Selected presenters will be included in conference promotions and will receive complimentary full-access registration to SIEGE and its events.

Important information to keep in mind about session submissions:

* When you fill out the form below, please make it as complete as possible, including the list of panelists you have invited to join you. We make our choices based on the information you give us here, so the more information you can share, the better.

* Try to bring something new to our attendees. We are looking for perspectives our attendees might not have encountered before.

* Energetic speakers who are experts in their fields

* Try to keep your session focused, fun, and go in depth rather than trying to cover too much ground.

* A diverse group of panelists

* Please do not submit a proposal that is focused on marketing a product that you sell. If you want to sponsor a session for that purpose, please email

If you have any questions, please email us at

The deadline for panel submissions is July 15, 2019!

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