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General form Bounty Campaign is an opportunity to receive tokens from project in reward for advertising actions, without involving a personal investment.

To participate in Bounty program:

1) Register in this form

2) Register in the form of the campaign where you will take part in order to track the amount of your tokens:

-YouTube form;
-Reddit form;
-Twitter form;
- Facebook form;
- Telegram form;
- Blogs and Media form;
-Token Drawing form

You can find information on:
- general rules of the Bounty program;
- rules of each campaign;
- the reward;
- and token distribution here:

3) To post a report on the completed tasks or to ask a question on in the Bounty bitcointalk community follow this link:

4) You can see the results/comments to your tasks here:

Thank you for participating in Bounty program!

Good luck!

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