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Pool Deck Access Registration & Team Manager Registration
The field of play/pool deck area is defined as the competition area, warm up area/pool, marshaling and ready areas, event administration and command rooms, main competition pool, presentation dais and pool deck seating modules.

The following groups are authorised to access pool deck:
• Swimmers who are entered in events of the swim meet
• Appointed Technical Officials, volunteers
• Accredited coaches who are current members of ASCTA
• Pre-nominated Team Manager/s
• Pre-nominated Carers for Multi-Class athletes who have been approved by SwimmingSA
• Sports Science staff who have been approved by SwimmingSA
• SwimmingSA Staff, Directors, Committee Members
• Venue Personnel and Venue Lifeguards
• SwimmingSA approved Media personnel
• SwimmingSA invited guests

This access privilege may be revoked at any time by the Board, it’s representatives or the Meet Director.

All persons accessing the field of play/pool deck are required to hold a current National Police Clearance or DCSI screening check which is no more than three years old. A copy must be submitted to SwimmingSA prior to accessing the field of play/pool deck area. ASCTA accredited coaches are not required to supply a copy of their clearance as this is an ASCTA requirement.

The field of play/pool deck area is restricted to authorised persons from the time that gates open until 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last event of each session.
Only competitors, technical officials and event staff are authorised to access the marshalling room.

Spot checks will occur throughout the meet to ensure that all persons within the field of play/pool deck are authorised. Penalties will apply for clubs who allow unauthorised/unregistered persons onto pool deck with or without access bands.

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