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2019 Taylor's Library Walk In Sessions
Greetings from Taylor’s Library.

We are now offering our first ever walk-in Information Literacy session!
The library will conduct several information literacy sessions focusing on different set of skills for each session.

Please provide a valid contact details. You will be contacted through the given email / number.

Which session to choose?
There will be 3 types of Information Literacy sessions with a few dates to choose from.

You are required to register for your preferred session(s) at least 5 WORKING DAYS in advance.

Please bear in mind that only slots with REGISTERED participants WILL BE CONDUCTED as scheduled.

Less than 10 registered students: Library Meeting Room 5.3, Level 5, Library
More than 10 registered students: Library Computer Lab, Level 3, Library

# Registered students will be emailed on the venue a day before the scheduled date.

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