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Neural Engineering Pre-Experiment Survey
Please take the time to fill out this short survey. It will help us decide which experiment(s) are most appropriate for you to participate in. Filling out this survey is completely optional and you can quit out of it at any time. All personal information will be kept secured and will be deleted at the completion of the study.
What is your name?
Please write both first and last name. ex: John Doe
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How old are you?
Please note that you must be 18 years or older to participate in this study.
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What is your gender?
What is your English proficiency?
What is your Major?
Please put 'None' if not applicable.
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How many credits have you taken so far (approximately)?
Please put 0 if not applicable.
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Would you be willing to share your GPA and/or SAT score ? ( this information will remain confidential)
Did you participate previously in an EEG experiment at the Parra lab? If so, please describe briefly what experiment it was
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Do you think your hearing is
Is your vision normal or corrected to normal?
When are you available to participate in the experiment?
Check all times that apply. Participants must have at least 2 hours of availability within these time slots.
What is your email address?
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What is your telephone number?
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Do you have any additional questions or comments?
Regarding this survey, the experiment in general, particular dates/times that work best for your schedule. etc.
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